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IPR and patent law expert Jeff Schox gave a talk about IPR strategy to entrepreneurs and students.

Jeffrey Schox is a Registered Patent Attorney and the founding member of Schox Patent Group, a boutique patent firm devoted to startup ventures. Drawing on his experience of fourteen years in patent law and seven years in angel investing, he builds patent portfolios that enable startups to increase value and attract funding. His clients have attracted investments from high profile venture capital firms, including Accel, Andreessen Horowitz, Bessemer, Founders Fund, Greylock, Kleiner Perkins, and Sequoia.

With degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering from the University of Michigan, he has filed over 500 patent applications on a broad range of cutting-edge inventions, including vehicle systems, medical devices, electrical systems, computer software, and clean technologies.

As a Consulting Professor for Stanford University, Jeffrey teaches the course “Patent Prosecution” in the law school, and the course “Patent Law and Strategy for Innovators and Entrepreneurs” in the engineering school.Jeff Schox – What Do Startups Need To Know About Patent Law? [Full-length]

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  1. Antti Sipilä says:
  2. Perceptive Branding says:

    Yes you could, just keep in mind that it will cost you 5-10k to get that
    patent (or 40 as this video indicates). You have to file your
    non-provisional patent within 12 months (usually within 10 you should start
    the process).

  3. Ted M. McGuire says:

    Great – Thanks so much for the response:)

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