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Florida family and divorce attorney Steve Kramer describes the top 5 mistakes people make in divorce cases.

The first mistake that people make in divorce cases is engaging in stalking or domestic violence. This can not only hurt your divorce case but can also hurt a background check, such as one for a security clearance. Watch the video now to learn more about common mistakes made in divorce cases.

For more information about divorce law in the state of Florida and my firm, visit my educational web site at http://www.orlandodivorcehelp.com. If you have legal questions, I want you to call me at (407) 834-3245. I welcome your call.

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  1. Leemet Onno says:

    @rxqmrll I Got my ex back after 2 weeks. If you say the right things
    they’ll want you back. Watch this to learn => bit.ly/NTWap4?=oekkdc

  2. comingout05 says:

    excellent information. thanks.

  3. Bob Johnson says:

    #1 tip not to get married in first place. Go to Thailand, Phillipine,
    Afirca, Brazil, etc.

  4. Michael Steinger says:

    It is best to be level headed in this situation and practice common sense
    and what this video suggests “be diplomatic.”

  5. UniversalPwnisher says:

    you need to know that it’s not too late to avoid divorce and save your
    marriage! ive been through lonely times recently but im happy to say things
    are great my spouse now. hope this site helps you as much as it did me…

  6. ComputerTrainer101 says:

    My sons mother keeps stealing my money in the form of child support yet she
    uses it for herself and not him. Is there any way that I can force her to
    show that she uses the money for him and not herself. I’ve spend 120k so
    far in support and the kid has nothing. She won’t even buy him cloths or a
    decent bed. She sodded her lawn though, and buys a new car every two years
    and re-did her house from top to bottom. She is profiting immensely. My son
    is severely autistic so he can’t speak for himself. I had to even buy him a
    warm jacket last year because the one she bought was flimsy and didn’t
    protect him from the cold well enough.

  7. Legal Broadcasting Network says:

    Nice job on your videos and channel.

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