Colorado Marijuana Law

Colorado took a major step toward implementing a legal system for dispensing recreational marijuana, as Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) signed into law on Tuesday several pieces of legislation on the licensing, cultivation, and taxing of marijuana. The ballot initiative to legalize and regulate marijuana passed by voters last November immediately eliminated criminal punishment for possession by those 21-and-over of less than an ounce of pot and for growing up to six plants. But a legal system for dispensing cannabis will not take effect until producers and dispensaries can be licensed. And although Hickenlooper opposed the ballot initiative, his signature signals his willingness to implement the will of the voters…

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Clip from the Wednesday, May 29th 2013 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday – friday 5-7pm Eastern.

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25 Responses to Colorado Marijuana Law

  1. Ylze Tyr says:

    they wrote the amendment basically with the mindset of “if this doesn’t
    pass, nothing will.” and it did. and being in denver, lemme tell ya, it’s
    awesome. just the peace of mind alone is enough. and the campaign they ran
    was perfect. other states take notes; this is how you get these things to

  2. RobClayJoker says:

    Hell yeah man! I have good friends that live up there. I’m driving up with
    a friend in a couple weeks when school gets out, might end up living there
    eventually, who knows.

  3. chri5g3n3 says:

    Needs moar microphones.

  4. Austiu7395 says:

    once legal shops for recreational cannabis are set up, the day they open
    you could go and buy up to a quarter of an ounce

  5. TheCoolCayote says:

    Created an entire new industry.. that’s massive boost to the economy

  6. SleepingYaoGuai says:

    Wait… so if you don’t live in Colorado you can still buy weed from a
    dispensary without a medical card?

  7. john dellisola says:

    this is so fucked up legal pot, i cant wait to see the rise of hard drug
    use over the next 5- 10 years in these states. pot is a gateway drug for
    people w/ addictive personalities, it needs to stay illegal

  8. redbird37378 says:

    You’re dumb sir. Other countries have done the same and the use of hard
    drugs have significantly decreased.

  9. rich2rock says:

    Why the mic with no xlr cable? We hear the camera mic, not the headphone
    mic or mic on the stand. Plug the mic in and import you wave file to your
    videos. (mono left and right, copy and paste one and pan them out, and
    shift one track 5 milliseconds apart) Just a tip to appear and sound more
    professional dude. Love your show though.

  10. JesseJ370 says:

    The response to legalisation in Holland was a reduction in hard drug use in
    the following years.If full supply is maintained there will be no problems.

  11. oldskool honky says:

    spoken like a true drug head have a little self respect

  12. mr.mushrooms says:

    I love it here in Colorado :)

  13. Roy Poud says:

    1oz? colo. i thought you guys were doing great things. do you guys also
    limit the amount of tomatoes i can grow? or apples? or … get my
    drift. good luck,, R`
    PS; any limitation is to much for anyone but my mom to say whats best for

  14. rainwatrs says:

    First lemme say that I know cannabis is a beneficial plant and totally
    enjoy the decades I’ve spent stoned. I believe it wrong to criminalize and
    prohibit ANY plant.

    That being said,

    Increasing revenue to the government is brilliant?
    Over 30% tax rate. . .
    I thought cannabis wasn’t addictive. Only addicts would vote for something
    like this.

  15. nathan liebert says:


  16. wes james says:

    man you should get a job at tyt aha

  17. Jake Spike says:

    bro you gotta get rid of that nasty hiss. cant even watch your video. hertz

  18. savagedragon79 says:

    You can just carry around an OZ at a time. If your home grow yields more
    that’s fine just can’t carry it around..I don’t see a problem with that

  19. Ryan T. says:

    Why does this guy have 3 mics

  20. Andrew Pyrah says:

    3 microphones??

  21. Mario Salvatore says:

    will make a suit up presentation over marijuana legalization on colorado.
    wish me luck.

  22. pubert wilson says:

    my left ear enjoyed this video

  23. LTDanno360 says:

    I think it will increase Dui cuz they cant tell if i smoked an hour ago or
    2 weeks ago if its in your system Look out!

  24. Slay Child says:

    Also you can still lose your jobs for testing positive for cannabis…..

  25. Tunnel Snake says:

    lol, the law on not letting you sell pot at a restaurant 

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